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Spaniol Football

Spaniol Football Academy is an exciting initiative by Spanish Football Experts. Spaniol currently offers football coaching through 32 training centers across the country in 9 states to kids between the ages of 5 and 17 years.

Spaniol Football Academy aims to provide a platform to nurture talent within grassroots & youth football and develop professional football players and coaches through its in-house training & development program designed & executed by some of the most talented young Indian football coaches and instructors in consultation with Spanish football experts

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We see Spaniol Football Academy as the first step for interested school kids towards becoming a professional footballer and by leveraging International leadership, experience and network, plan to provide the complete path to an amateur towards becoming a successful professional footballer. Spaniol Football Academy is working towards creating a complete ecosystem for player development through its training centers, advanced training centers (development squads & I-league squads), residential academy & professional club affiliations.

And if you don't see the kind of opportunity you're looking for, you can always email at to tell us more

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